Due to the COVID 19 virus the committee has decided to postpone the darts league for 2 months.
more information as and when available
Stay safe everyone

Just a few words to thank all of you that bothered to attend the Charity Night held at the Victoria Club.

A very special thank you to Jason and Stacey Sprenger for all their hard work which really showed on the night.

The current total is £663 with more to come

I must apologise for my brief appearance which was due to family issues.

Thank you all again for your support

Yours Faithfully
Keith Mitchell
League Secretary

* * * * * * * * * * *

On behalf of the League well done to Stacey And Jason Sprenger for a well organised night and congratulations to Martin Pettifer and John Crowley for winning.
Thanks to everyone who was there tonight both playing and supporting

Mark Wilson

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