Board Rules

  1. All dartboards are to be of the bristle type and will be either PDC or BDO approved.
  2. The boards shall:
    • Be of the 1 – 20 clock pattern.
    • Have an inner centre ring or Bulls Eye counting 50 points and can be used as a finishing double.
    • Have an outer centre ring which shall count 25 points.
    • Have an inner narrow band or treble ring which counts three times the segment number.
    • Have an outer narrow band or double ring which shall count two times the segment number and will also be used to finish a leg, match or competition.
    • Each segment and ‘ring’ is to be separated by a wire, which shall conform to the PDC or BDO measurements / requirements.
  3. The board shall be fixed in such a position so as the 20 segment is the darker of the 2 dominant colours and shall be at the top centre of the board.
  4. The Home team is to ensure that a ‘Match’ board is available for matches and competitions.
  5. The oche is to raised off the floor and be a minimum of 38mm high and 610mm long. (1.5inches high and 24inches long). It must be placed at the minimum throwing distance and shall measure from the back of the raised oche to a plumb line from the Bulls Eye to the floor a distance of 2.37 metres (7 feet 9.25 inches). The diagonal distance from the bull to the back of the raised oche at floor level shall measure 2.93 metres (9 feet 7.5 inches). From the centre bulls eye, vertically to the floor shall measure 1.73 metres (5feet 8 inches). The committee shall measure all new venues throwing areas and oches and reserves the right to enter any venue within the league to measure current throwing areas or oches. Captains of teams can request the committee to carry out such measurements if they feel there is a problem.
  6. Boards are to be lit in such a manner as to reduce shadow as much as possible and be sufficiently bright so as the board is clearly visible.
  7. Any easel-mounted boards, used in competitions, shall be adequately lit to the same standard as a wall mounted board.
  8. Electronic scoreboards shall be of the type that shows the last 5 throws that have taken place. Otherwise a chalk and chalkboard or similar dry wipe board and pen shall be used.
  9. Players must ensure that the score called is the score he or she got and entered on the board correctly. Darts are not to be removed before the shouter has given the score in case of mistake.
  10. Players are to provide their own darts, which shall not exceed an overall maximum length of 30.5cm’s (12 inches) long or a maximum weight of 50grams per dart. This is a BDO ruling.

M Wilson
Banstead and District Darts League
26th June 2019