Competition Rules

  1. All participants are to ensure that they are at their respective venues and registered with the venue Board Marshall by 20:10hrs (8.10pm).
  2. The draw will commence at 20:15hrs (8.15pm).
  3. It is the responsibility of team Captains and Secretaries to ensure that all of their team’s players know where they are playing and who the Board Marshall is at their venue.
  4. Any player not turning up at venue, having put their name forward for a competition, without good reason or informing the Board Marshall at least 48 hours beforehand will earn their teams a monetary fine that will be decided by the committee. The League Secretary will inform the member’s Captain and/or Secretary of the League’s decision.
  5. The competitions will be as follows:
    • Singles – Best of 3 legs, 501 straight in double finish, one toss of the coin.
    • Pairs – Best of 3 legs, 601 straight in double finish, one toss of the coin.
    • Fours – Best of 3 legs, 701 straight in double finish, one toss of the coin.
    • Albert George Cup – 1 leg, 1501 straight in, double finish, one toss of the coin.
    • League Cup – Teams to be put on the board as per a match. The Captains will toss a coin and the winner can choose to put their teams up first or second. Once this is done there will be another toss of the coin to decide who starts the match.The match will consist of 4 x Pairs, 2 x Fours and then if needs be, a straight 8 of 1001. Pair one will play Pair one and so on (as per the order of names on the board). The first four and so on. The straight 8 will play in order down the board. The first team to 4 points will win the match progress to the second round.The losing team  from the first round will be entered into the Consolation Cup.The first round will be drawn by the Committee at the beginning of the season and all teams will be notified of who they are playing and whether home or away. Any teams not wishing to take part in the Competition must inform the League Secretary before the draw is made.
      • Team Singles – each team will select a player from the team to represent that team at the competition. The match will consist of best of 3 legs, straight in, double finish, one toss of the coin. How a team chooses a representative is down to individual teams, but all players must agree on the method chosen.
      • Captains and Secretaries Cups – Each Captain and Secretary will be invited to play in this competition at the end of the League season. The match will consist of best of 3 legs, 501 straight in, double finish, one toss of the coin.
  6. Board Marshalls are to ensure that they have a chalker and shouter to oversee each match.
  7. Board Marshalls are to ensure that the result of each venue is given to the League Secretary.
  8. The winners of all competitions will play at the League finals night at a venue, to be decided. The winners and runners up will each receive a trophy from the League at the League Presentation night.
  9. The draw for each competition and each venue will be carried out by the committee. The League Secretary will have a compete record of which player is at which venue and in which competition. The dates for the competitions will be decided when the League fixtures are drawn.
  10. All Captains  ans Secretaries are welcome to attend the venue where the Competition draw takes place and all teams will receive notification of this.
  11. On the night of a competition the Board Marshall’s decision is final. Any problems are to be reported to the committee as soon as is practically possible.
  12. 180’s will count at competitions and will be reflected at the presentation night of the 180 trophies. High finishes will not. Only high finishes in a league match will be considered for the League Highest Game Shot.
  13. When competitions are played at a venue, then a player from that club/pub may be selected to play at the venue. That player may be asked to be Board Marshall for the Competition and will ensure that the venue is correctly set up. He or She will be notified by the League Secretary that they are to act as Marshall at a given venue.Where possible a Committee member will be selected to act as Marshall

M Wilson
Banstead and District Darts League
26th June 2019