General Rules

  1. The Committee will consist of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and 3 members of the League to act as lay members. These posts will be voted on each year at the AGM, to be held on a date notified but between the end of one season and the start of the next season.  All positions are open to any member of the League and nominations must be made in writing and forwarded to the League Secretary at least 3 weeks before
  2. Teams will consist of 8 players. The names of the 8 players plus 2 reserves are to be written up on a board adjacent to the Dart Board and must be clearly visible. Teams may register more than 10 players with the league, but only the 8 plus 2 are to be written up.
  3. Using a number system, the two Captains will draw the match fixtures. If a Captain wishes to use a reserve then the match will be drawn in stages. Pairs then singles, then fours. If a Captain has only 8 players or does not intend to use a reserve then the complete match can be drawn.
  4. Reserves may be put in to the team at the natural breaks. Between the pairs and the singles and then between the singles and the fours. A player substituted from the team can be put back in to the team at a later time during the match. Reserves are to be put into the team before the draw is done
  5. The Match shall consist of the following:
    • 4 x pairs. 601. Straight in, double finish.
    • 8 x singles. 501. Straight in, double finish.
    • 2 x fours. 701. Straight in, double finish.
  6. The Captains are to ensure that their respective teams are ‘written on the board’ no later than 20:15hrs (8.15pm). The matches are to start no later than 20:30hrs (8.30pm).
  7. The Away Teams will go first in game one then the Home team will go first in game two and so on. This means that the Away team starts the odd numbered games and the Home team starts the even numbered games.
  8. The minimum number of players for a match will be 6. The resultant byes from an under strength team will be awarded as game shots to their respective opponents.
  9. The Captain of a team must contact the opposing Captain if a match cannot be played for any reason. The period of contact must be no less than 48 hours prior to the match.
  10. The match can be rearranged to suit both Captains or the venues can be swapped providing the teams are in agreement.
  11. Any team who do not show up for a match, do not contact the other team, turn up late at an away venue (this includes rearranged matches), will be given a penalty . This will take the form of minus 4 points for the team at fault and plus 10 points for the opposing team.
  12. A player who mistakenly throws a dart after scoring the required double will not have this dart counted as part of his/her score as the respective leg, set or match is concluded by the dart scoring the required double. The caller is to ensure that the correct score is called and is also to ensure that game shot is called, clearly, when it is hit by the player throwing.
  13. Captains must resolve any minor problems that occur during the evening at the time. Any Captain or team member who has a complaint can inform the League Secretary in writing as soon as possible after the incident. A major issue can be resolved at a Team Secretaries meeting. A representative from each team, preferably the Secretary, will be informed in writing the date of such a meeting and the reason for the calling of such a meeting at least 14 days prior to the meeting. Each team must ensure that if the Secretary cannot make the meeting, a representative is sent. The League Committee will also be present at they meeting. The result of such a meeting will be final.
  14. At the end of each match the Captains will sign the relevant part of the results cards. The team names, result of match, players game shots, any highest finishes and 180’s will be recorded on the cards clearly so that they can be read. The Captains are to ensure that this information is recorded accurately. The cards will then be sent to the League Secretary so that the League records can be updated.The cards can be  sent  via e mail to the League Secretary and/or by posting the cards to his address as normal. The results will be passed on so that the Web site can be updated.The cards  must be delivered (as described above) to the League Secretary so that he receives them no later than the Saturday following the Wednesday night match. Any cards that cannot be read may result in nil points being  awarded to the team(s) in question. Late cards will result in the offending team(s) being deducted 3 point from their league total. However a warning will be given for a first offence. Persistent offenders will have 3 points per late card deducted and will also be required to attend a Committee Meeting to discuss the issue. The Committee may decide that  further penalties against an offending team are warranted. These further penalties can include, further points deducted.
  15. All teams are to ensure that the area directly behind the oche is clear of tables,chairs etc. While a player is throwing all other persons near the oche, apart from the chalker or shouter are to remain quiet. The oche is always to be kept clear.The only people who are to be near the board are the players throwing, the chalker and shouter.
  16. There is to be no ‘Coaching’ on the oche. A player may ask the shouter what he requires after throwing one or two darts. The shouter will give the figure scored and the amount left. They are not allowed to tell a player which way to go for a finish.
  17. A Captain may speak to his player while the other player is throwing. However this must be done quietly, away from the oche and with the consent of the other team’s Captain and must be approved by both Captains prior to the commencement of the match. No other player or spectator is allowed to speak to the thrower to tell him or her what they need to go for.
  18. Any player or member who brings the game into disrepute will be reported to the League Committee. That player may be disciplined by the Committee, which may result in their being expelled from the League for a period of not less than one year. If the offence is of an extremely serious nature that punishment may involve a ban from the League for life
  19. Home Teams are to provide food for both teams on a match night. However, a team may opt out of doing this and not provide food as discussed at the
    2016 AGM. If this is adopted by a team then due notice must be given to opposing team and the League Secretary must be updated with this info. On the return match the home team may supply food for both teams if they wish but they do not have to. At the start of the season a list, compiled by the
    League Secretary,  will go out with the packs  to inform all Team Captains and Secretaries which Teams will NOT be supplying food on match night.
  20. A Team cannot register a new player if there are six or less games left in the season’
  21. Any Team may register a new player during the season. However, this player will not be eligible to play until the League Secretary has confirmed that he has received all the details
  22. Any team who knowingly plays a player who is not registered with the League will forfeit that game and a result of 14 – 0 may be awarded to the opposing team, at the discretion of the Committee.
  23. Players may swap teams during the season. However they must be registered with the League Secretary in the correct manner. No player who leaves a team and plays for another during the season can return to their original team or any other team until the start of the new season.
  24. No rearrange matches are to be player after the last league match of the season
  25. Any rearranged match not played will result in the team rearranging the match loosing points as per rule 11.
  26. The minimum age for a player is sixteen (16). This is so that the various Clubs and Pubs do not fall foul of the Licensing Laws.
  27. At the presentation night the League Secretary’s wife/partner will receive a gift from the League by way of thanks. The gift will be decided upon by the Committee

Banstead and District Darts League
26th June 2019
Revised and updated for 2019/2020Season
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